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Im/materiality - intends to reflect the tension found within present-day expressions of materiality in contemporary art: deeply rooted in physical boundaries, processes and meaning, yet at the same time deconstructs and destabilises those very same contexts to explain the conceptual.


Through showcasing the differing approaches 7 contemporary Indonesian artists, Irene Febry, Gede Sukarya, Alexander Sebastianus, Olen Riyanto, Aharimu X Wedoo, Sarita Ibnoe, and Gusti Dalem, have had towards their chosen media, ‘im/materiality’ intends to illustrate how our examination of this tension between the tangible and the abstract, as well as the impact recent global developments in human civilisation have had in strengthening or weakening this relationship, can help push for a greater exploration of what contemporary artistic expression and art-making entail.


-Krishnaya Santoso-

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