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Microcosm VI (Virtual).jpg
Growth (filesnya sama sama yg sebelumnya

MICROCOSM in Irene Febry's Collage Work



Bali, 14 May 2021 -

Puri Art Gallery and Uma Seminyak collaborate to present Irene Febry's solo exhibition entitled Microcosm.


"It doesn't matter how slowly you go so long as you don't stop." - Confucius


For Irene Febry, the Confucius quote above reflects her journey as an artist. “In my work, I work slowly because I feel doubtful and don't have confidence in my abilities as an artist. Until finally in the last few years I managed to accept this slow way of working as a way I grew up in a small world that reflects my personal journey as an artist. In this solo exhibition, you will see the difference from previous works in terms of color and shape. " said Irene.







Image 01. Growth, Mixed Media Collage on Acid Free Mount Board, 2009


In the process of creating her works, she always starts with small pieces of paper, which then increase in size and in detail. Gradually, Irene's work becomes pieces of a small world in the form of colors and shapes; who interact with each other and form relationships and dynamics. This composition is framed in one abstract collage work with bolder colors and incorporates many geometric shapes in addition to organic shapes.


The Microcosm series is Irene's tiny world, the bubble she lives in. An abstract collage that gives a sense of space and life through shapes and colors. An abstract shape that allows the pareidolia effect to exist in the mind of the viewer. His work provides absolute freedom of imagination and interpretation based on everyone's experiences, ideas and feelings.


Image 02. Microcosm VI (Mixed Media Collage on Acid Free Mount Board,  92 x 86 cm, 2020)


"Uma Seminyak has been very interested in presenting Irene's solo exhibition since the first encounter with Irene's work in 2018 at a collective exhibition of women artists in Ubud." explained Ruth Onduko (Community Manager of Uma Seminyak).


Yuanita Sawitri, Director of Puri Art Gallery, also mentioned “We want to show to the public about Irene's works, especially her interest in collage techniques and her tiny world. And to coincide with the Art Moment Jakarta Online event, we hope that art lovers can appreciate Irene's techniques and new media through her works and hopefully these works will bring new nuances to our art scene."


Microcosm is Irene Febry's first solo exhibition presented by Puri Art Gallery and Uma Seminyak, which will be exhibited from 22 May to 11 June 2021 at the Uma Seminyak showroom. This exhibition will feature 14 works from the Microcosm series, 1 collective work, as well as various programs such as workshops and Art Talks. During the duration of the exhibition, Irene will create an installation similar to a globe which is an interactive work with the community entitled Macrocosm, the community work that invites visitors to create their own microcosm, and place them together in a complete cosmic circle. (end)

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