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I Gusti Agung Galuh is a female painter born in Kapal Village, western part of Bali, on December 9, 1968.  

She learned to paint from her late father who was a Balinese traditional painter.  Her style of painting is also influenced by the famous German artist, Walter Spies, who lived in Ubud before World War II.  Galuh then developed her talent until she found her own trademark.
Galuh’s paintings mostly represent forest landscapes and rice terraces. She uses oil paints on majority of her works. Her painting has gentle characteristics, interpreting the harmonic symmetry that can be found on the large vertical shapes of coconut trees and the typical contour lines on the terraces, all of which are surrounded by the wilderness of Bali. Her works reflect the changes and developments of Balinese paintings, still very much influenced by Walter Spies.
The use of techniques such as perspective with the fog-haze, reflections of light, and the smooth color and sweetness distinguish her artworks from the other painters. I Gusti Agung Galuh is a dedicated and meticulous painter.  Hence, only a limited number of paintings are created each year, which makes her works worth the wait.
It has been a decade since I Gusti Agung Galuh’s last solo exhibition. Puri Art Gallery is now proudly presenting her newest creations. The harmonious scenery with perfect lighting techniques will still inevitably fascinate the audiences.

“The beauty of the universe inspires me to pour it on canvas as an expression of peace and love of the universe”

– I Gusti Agung Galuh –

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