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Puri Art Gallery was the first established gallery in Malang, East Java – Indonesia in 2001. Since 2001, Puri Art Gallery has been devotedly supporting the art atmosphere in the East Java district and continuing to dedicate ourselves in establishing the art in the region, nationally and internationally. 

Puri’s extensive collection and exhibitions present a wide variety of media including works on paper, painting, mixed media, sculpture, and installation. 

Puri Art Gallery has held successful curated art exhibitions to both introduce upcoming artists to the art industry as well as to educate art to the general public. 

Puri Art Gallery also frequently work closely with curators in exhibiting the work of established local artists who have contributed in the contemporary art discourse and who are considered influential to the art development in the region. 

Puri has actively joining both local and international Art Fair such as Bazaar Art Jakarta, Korea International Art Fair, Art Expo Malaysia, and the recently Singapore Contemporary Art Show; and will continually doing so in order to represent our artists to bigger art scenes. 

Along the years, we have established a strong and dynamic collaboration with other galleries and art connoisseurs worldwide to bring and introduce more variety of artworks into the global art scene. 

We also provide services such as: 

1. art advisory services for a diverse range of contexts and environments 

2. private sale services 

3. art-appraisal 

4. art-consultation for private/commercial space 

5. asset investment consultation 

6. art-handling 

As one of the co-founder of Art Galleries Association of Indonesia (AGSI) since 2005, Puri will continually present the Indonesian Art to the society. 

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