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Transcendence: A Fusion of Artistry in the New Horizon


Puri Art Gallery is pleased to present our project series Transcendence: A Fusion of Artistry in the New Horizon, displayed in the new location of our Jakarta Branch in Pacific Place Mall, SCBD, Jakarta.


Opening to the public for the first time starting from 30 September 2023 for the next six months, we welcome you to a captivating realm where tradition, abstraction, and cutting-edge technology converge in a symphony of creativity. This newly inaugurated space serves as a sanctuary for artistic exploration, a melting pot where artists from diverse backgrounds breathe life into their visions.


In this haven of artistic expression, the tradition takes on new vigour, offering glimpses into history and heritage. Ancient techniques and time-honoured practices merge seamlessly with contemporary perspectives, fostering a dialogue between generations and inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of human culture.


Like the work from Surya, Piki and Upadana which merge the Balinese traditional background and their personal experience to create their own interpretation of line, colours, composition and texture. 


Stepping further into the space, one is enveloped by the ethereal allure of abstract by Richard I. Meyer. Forms, colours, and spontaneous stroke dance harmoniously, transcending the confines of the tangible world. The abstract artworks on display are more than mere compositions; they are gateways to the artist's soul, inviting you to interpret and connect with them in your unique way.

Amidst the traditional and the abstract, we encounter the avant-garde - the new media artworks. With a flair for innovation and a thirst for pushing boundaries, Sarita and Sharon harness the new material like cotton yarn, charcoal and fabric to breathe life into their visions. Interactive installations redefine the very essence of artistic experience, pulling you into a realm where imagination knows no bounds.


The amalgamation of these diverse artistic forms within this innovative space challenges conventional norms and invites you to witness the evolution of art. It is an invitation to expand your perception, to break free from the ordinary, and to embrace the extraordinary. "Transcendence" beckons you to join this artistic journey - a voyage that transcends time, generations, and expectations.

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